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Tru-ray collage of camp fire scene with wolf howling

Paper isn't just a flat surface for writing or drawing. It can take many forms of artistic expression. CUT IT. GLUE IT. FOLD IT. SHAPE IT. Let it fly like an airplane. Let it make waves like the ocean. Whatever fun you can dream up, you can bring it to life with Tru-Ray construction paper. Just add creativity.

Not Your Common Construction Paper

Tru-Ray paper in not the typical construction paper found in most stores. It's a premium quality, versatile art paper that will inspire creators of all ages.

  • Brighter

  • Heavier

  • Smoother

  • Longer Lasting

  • Fade Resistant

  • Durable

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Tru-ray paper project


Still bright after six hours in the sun

Tru-Ray® construction paper arranged into a sunset scene


Colors stay radiant over time

Tru-Ray® construction paper made into a brightly colored lizard


Crisp & clean folding & scoring

Tru-Ray® construction paper folded into a star pattern


Holds its shape for quilling & curling

Tru-Ray® construction paper making perfect curls in a spiral snowflake pattern

For Glue

Won't buckle or bubble
Dries flat & smooth

Tru-Ray® construction paper glued together to make an aquatic scene

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A Rainbow of

Available in 30 vivid colors